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Hmm....Bank Fees!?

The Ace

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I am running V2. My cyberbank withdrawal fee is the usual: 7.5% and the maximum is £750,000. Nothing wrong there.

However, whenever I withdraw money, the fee goes back into my bank, which I don't really want to happen...anyone know why?

Should I post my cyberbank script?


The Ace :-P

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Re: Hmm....Bank Fees!?

Once opening a cyber bank, and putting in over 1 million the cyber bank keeps 750,000 for it selfs, to keep it open / to get interest. I took cyber bank completly off my game.

To keep your game economy low just take cyber bank off, interest off on normal bank then add interest bank, It works way better and keep's a low economy.


Alot of people come & play your game, make tons of money put it in there bank, they quit. The money builds up & up & up & up all the time. Now with interest bank you put a limit of 10,000 per time then the person can't just quit and gain money, he will need to frequently come online to add more money there.

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Re: Hmm....Bank Fees!?

Oh, I see. :) Thanks!

I might consider that when my game gets more popular. (It is currently undergoing maintanence). And, I don't think I will get many users, because I don't plan to advertise until I get what I want done. ;)

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