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Brave not refilling,


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I am having serious trouble with the brave refilling, I have troubleshooted and have got rid of many errors, the errors i have got rid of are:

  • Fixed URL
  • Added the MYSQL Details into the Crons page


Everything else seems right, I have had Darkwolf to check my crons, he says they are fine, my braveupdate code is:


include "mysql.php";
global $c;
//brave update
$q1=mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) as users FROM users",$c);
print "Found $rows users to process.";
$query="UPDATE users SET brave=brave+((maxbrave/10)+0.5) WHERE brave$query2="UPDATE users SET brave=maxbrave WHERE brave>maxbrave";
$query3="UPDATE users SET hp=hp+(maxhp/3) WHERE hp$query4="UPDATE users SET hp=maxhp WHERE hp>maxhp";
mysql_query($query,$c) or die("\nError Executing Query 1 for updating users $i to $next\n$query\n".mysql_error()."\nError Code:".mysql_errno());
mysql_query($query2,$c) or die("\nError Executing Query 2 for updating users $i to $next\n$query2\n".mysql_error()."\nError Code:".mysql_errno());
mysql_query($query3,$c) or die("\nError Executing Query 3 for updating users $i to $next\n$query3\n".mysql_error()."\nError Code:".mysql_errno());
mysql_query($query4,$c) or die("\nError Executing Query 4 for updating users $i to $next\n$query4\n".mysql_error()."\nError Code:".mysql_errno());
print "\nUsers $i to $next updated successfully.";
print "\nDone.";


is there any error to why this is happening, before i sorted the url etc.. the bravery was setting itsself to -28/5 and would NOT update, now when people do crimes, it just stays on how many bravery left, please help its the only thing stopping my game from opening.

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