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PHPBB mod RPG game - ADR + Rabitoshi


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Re: PHPBB mod RPG game - ADR + Rabitoshi

My rabbitoshi ver is 3.1.3


Hello everyone, Rabbitoshi is now back!!!

A new version will be released soon (Hi Ethalic) Smile

A update for rabbitoshi for ADR 0.44 compadibility will also soon be released.

To make it clear... VERY clear to everyone, Rabbitoshi belongs to the community, not a individual, I am responsible for rabbitoshi ATM, and as the new runner of it, I hereby open it up to everyone who would like to create, modify, adjust, make mods for, make better versions etc...

Remember to keep all credit links to all that have made it what it is today.. for example:


Seteo Bloke



must be credited on any modification, this should solve that problem..

Everyone will be recognized for there efforts...

Rabbitoshi is open source and belongs to anyone who can fix, update, improve etc...

If there is ever a problem with anything released for Rabbitoshi, or any new versions of rabbitoshi.. Note that I am the person you will have a problem with, not the mod authors who release the updates or mods not Seteo Bloke, I am the single person responsible for rabbitoshi, so if anyone has a problem with anything released for it, talk to me, as I now own it for the time being (If I leave and dont support it, it will go to someone else that Seteo, the ultimate owner of it picks), and I am opening it up to everyone...

You all know why Im making this post and wording it as I am, if you dont know, no worries Smile


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