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Coding Hours.


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Re: Coding Hours.


How many hours of coding do you do a day?

This includes:









all the others...

8-10 for me, it's my job as a developer. I code in Cold Fusion, PHP, Anything database, Database integrations, VB, Java... you name it. If the company needs something integrated we find the right language for the job. :)

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Re: Coding Hours.

When I worked on NarcoticWars, I did a good 18-36 hours straight at a time, did that for a good month and a half. But once I got done that dropped down to about 12 a day. After I sold NarcoticWars, I wound up between 6 and 8 and kept there 'till I started work on KnP. While working on KnP, I did something round 12 again and since KnP's sale... well we'll just say that I don't have the required life situation to work much at all... :P

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