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[Review] Estiah


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Title: Estiah - A free epic MMORPG

Site URL: http://www.estiah.com

Site Description:

Estiah is a text-based browser MMORPG. Fully written in php5, it offers a user-friendly GUI and rich game contents.

No install, no download, you can start your journey right away in the heroic-fantasy universe of Estiah.

Features :

- Immersive and rich player versus environment contents (dungeons, arenas...)

- Tightly balanced player versus player battles with countless strategies.

- Highly cooperative teamwork throughout difficult encounters.

- Atypical and enjoyable leveling model

- Realistic market and economy system

- 13 unique cities, 24 distinct classes, and lots more !

The game is ever-evolving, we add new features and contents regularly so no player will be bored. We hope

to build a nice community around our game, so everybody is welcome!

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Re: [Review] Estiah

Thanks a lot for posting our game on http://ce-ezine.com/, mdshare :)

It would be really great if someone can try our game out and make a review, even a short one. We made this game for those who are bored (at work :D), so they can get some adventure for very small amount of time everyday.

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Re: [Review] Estiah

uhhmm, I rly rly like this game. Ima take this review if no-one else has started :D

Im going to try to get in touch with you nipal to find out more about the game, please contact me on here or on our IRC if you get the chance, otherwise I'll chase you down :)


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Re: [Review] Estiah

thanks paj, you can pm me on this forum or ours if you have any questions. i'll probably be able to answer most of them... except the number of bunnies i eat per day :)

and please do a review since we need more objective point of view. as it's just weird to review our own game and say "our game is da best" :-D

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