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Re: [REVIEW]Mafia-Streetz

Usually i would review, but i feel i dont want to... down your game... when i first opened the login page was fantastic, i have not seen a login like that in some time, then i click register and thats when it hit me... and also when i logged in.. personally i feel there is a lot of work still in place for the game and maybe if you where able to shut it down for say 2 weeks and but as much graphical techniques into the main game as you have on the login this game could be a big hit, and also.. the econemy for a week old has shot up, you yourself has Money: $7153577, Bullets: 419 which i feel is an aweful lot for a new opened game....

So i hope to see some good improvments over the next 2-3 weeks, and ill pop back and check and if so.. ill give you a good review :)

sorry if i have offended you about your game by the way, just trying to give some possitive critisism.

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Re: [REVIEW]Mafia-Streetz

to some parts it can be inproved little things like the register page using like:

<font color=red>Thanks for signing up</font> ect you can't read the font once registered. also i think an animated banner inside the game is off putting, just iritates you lmao. i'm not shore but the codes maybe based on "The-Dark-Assassin" but i could be wrong. i do think some new bars could be ordered abit plain if you ask me. not much more to say nothing really unique.

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