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Top Site Script :(


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I Baught This Top Site Script http://www.sojdesign.com/products/004 And Its Buggy As Hell When The Email Got Automaticly Send To Me To Download It Then I Set It Up say if i vote in that day no one else is allowed to vote in that day the site i done it on is http://www.toprpgonlinegames.com/ and i asked them for a fix and havnt got back to me within a week with a fix can some one who has got this script can you provide me with a fix please it would help very much thanks

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Re: Top Site Script :(

I had that script early on in the first few months for topmorpg.com and then decided to code mine from scratch cloning apex.

It has its bugs and not a lot of features. But for the price you cant really complain to much.

They wont issue fixes on it. Sold as is.

This is what SOJ on msn told me more then a year ago. the script hasnt been upgraded since.


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