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[mccode v2] Swim Mod


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Simple mod really i will update this and post the advanced version soon. took me only around 20 minutes to make.

With this mod you can pay to swim which will gain you strength and agility.

Every Little Mod Helps.


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Re: Swim Mod For V1&V2 [Free]

Nice mod! I'm making a video game RPG and I'll name this Super Mario Bros World -1 (The never ending water level!) It's like having the Money Gym, for strength and agility...with a different twist!

For advanced ideas...adding some random stuff to it, like some times find enemies or almost drown and lose HP. Swim and find random items.

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Re: Swim Mod For V2 [Free]


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/urban87/public_html/swim.php on line 82

this is what i get can anyone help?? :?

From what i know, if the mod doesnt have this error and you edited something and got it, it means that you need to more


further up the code where u may of edited it...eg, their may be 20 { and only 19} meaning its unexpected to end beacuse another brrack close needs to be inserted!

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Re: Swim Mod For V2 [Free]


No it isnt a edited version of mining although very similar you can see were the 2 mods differ e.g you cant get stats off the mining mod and you can on the swimming nice mod Samz =]

wat do you mean no it isnt yes it does work and who was on about the mining mod and no problem treneereite if u have any problems jus post it here and i will fix it if i can

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