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[mccode] Travel Agency Advanced [$15.00]

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Hello all.


This will allow you to travel from city to city of course. But you get 3 options. Train, Plane & Car. To use the plane & car you need a passport & a licence. The train required only a payment same as plane & car.

When creating a new city, you can put in the prices, and the time to travel.


Can be viewed on my game www.violent-chaos.com

Price: $15

Copies: 10 out of 10

Comes with, travel.php, staff_cities.php, travelers.php, sql.

How to purchase:

Contact me via here or on msn [email protected].

Can be used on v1 or v2. Just needs converting. But got in v2.

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Re: Travel Agency Advanced [$15]

This would cause some real confusions to new members :-P


You should of made it so, a city will only allow car, train or plane, depending how high the level requirement on the city is.

I would make it so on the last city they only have a option of plane to travel to the city.

Just a suggestion, would of been cool.

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Re: Travel Agency Advanced [$15]

I suppose it would make sense if people made maps for their games, lol.

E.G. You can get the plane from your default city to Las Vegas, and form their you need to get the bus to another location. You would also have to travel back by the same mode of transport if you get what I am saying.

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