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Anyone watch movies online now a days?


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What i mean is this, With all the busts such as Tv Links, SS Upload, and other online movie sites getting shutdown by serious Copyright infringements. However, The one's now a day's are non-profit types solely based on donations to simply provide web hosting for a simple PHP Script and then using their method's to lookup all the movies on several third-party providers such as MegaVideo, Googlevideo, and even Youtube, and then linking that file to the website for those to share such as Watch-Movies.

Quote: "We are simply providing several links to this movie. There is no guarantee how long it will be still hosted on our third party provider. Sometimes it's one hour, some times it's several days. However, It's not likely that we wont be able to find other videos of the same title from other sources to you, and replace the broken links as quick as they go down!"

With this said, these guys simply have found a loop-hole around the US laws, and some people as to hosting actual downloads sites will host the server in safe places that the US Law does not apply to them. Therefore they MAY NOT pursue them.

Anyway's if we are allowed to share the link of Watch-Movies it does provide great content and new releases. However, It is recommended you have FireFox to watch the movie as well as a high speed or fast-access DSL or you will FREEZE up!

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