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Needing Help with Crons!


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My game was on a Free hosting site, But i brought a Hosting and a Domain Name and Trasferred everything from my Free hosting to my Paid Hosting, But the problem is my Crons dont work for some reason, Ive change the names in my crons to my site name, But still getting a Problem so I deleted the SQL File and Ran Installer again and Then the Crons were there so i Changed my Current crons to the ones from the installer and still Hanving a problem, So i had a look in the config.php and the code seems to be right, And when i looked in the (Class) Folder and then looked at both files in that folder, They wernt no Code in there and now i have geave up, I Just carnt do it, Hope that Helps, Please help me, I have tried my best

Thanks, Adajo

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