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Buy ONLY from www.mccodes.com


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Re: Buy ONLY from www.mccodes.com

I dont find this fair, some of us bought our codes legally and buy/sell our mods legally. And now we get warned on a good forum cause some shitheels dont !!! (no blame or anything Md) Not saying this warning isnt fair i am talking about the fact that we paid and they think they can just get it and make a quik buck ! so far i have lost money on my game for advertising,mods,host etc but i am slowly getting it back. So just stop the fucking bullshit ! DONT sell other peoples mods, DONT give out illegal codes. But these people are just stupid, i got offered ownership of a game if i told a guy how to put a banner on his shit (probably illegal) game. And people in my game offering me mods and codes to make them staff ( they have been fedded )


This Rant is brought to you by Michael INC. lol


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Re: Buy ONLY from www.mccodes.com

We are removing everything atm that directs to sites that sell code that aren't made by the originall creators Michael.

CE will only endorse the sites that originally created the code, others will be removed.

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Re: Buy ONLY from www.mccodes.com

;) Well yeah .. Like all paid solutions, It always come with a validator, Like "WHMAutoPilot" hosting manager, You need to enter license, Automaticly.


If your looking to code a source, make a license holder, Make a official website and a source lock


//Source validator (example for CE members)

die("Interaction WebServer failed, Try again or contact a Source Admin.");

include "/required_/mySQL_PHP.php";
global $_CONNECT,$WEBH,$connected,$timeto,$used,$days_l,$trial_li,$sd_s;
//Included all globals
print "Check your valid license (should of been recieved with email)
<form action='check_license.php' method='post'>License <input type=text size=49 maxlength=100 name='license' value=''>

<input type=submit></form>";
} else {
if($f[0] == "true")
print "You have a valid code!

//Remember the [1] should always be +1 - like next one is $query[2] lol.
$query[1]="UPDATE `web_licenses` SET `web_license` = '1', `web_license_txt` = '$_POST[code]' LIMIT 1;";

//Run multiple queries
foreach($query as $q)
//Tells the seller server they have used code once.
print "[url='index.php']BACK[/url]
} else {


that code doesnt work but if you understand it you n00bs should understan the system of validators. ;) lol.

Like i said to -Genocide-, It's a big efficient improvement - Next best thing to safe and secure webservers. This shouldn't be required on all pages, Only on the important ones so they don't know where the validator is, So they can't remove it if you get my help :).

If you are looking for a PHP encrypter, This one is free for 7 days but when its encrypted a in the trial is included, But that doesn't affect none of the code, Basic for n00bs.

If you do consider to buy off http://www.codelock.com, Use the token for 35% off - "FREEFIND_WINPROMO".


Nicholas Poalo.[/code]

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Buy ONLY from www.mccodes.com

Well in some cases it may still be a legal version however that person is a reseller. In this case the person is probably charging a higher price so that they make a profit off of each code sold.

Even in such cases I see no reason for CE Network to allow such sites to advertise with us... we want to protect our members and make sure purchases made are in their best interest.

We make no money off any of the game engines listed here. Only the owners and mod writers make money. I see no need for allowing our members to be lured into buying something they can get from the source cheaper. This community is built off of a mutual trust. Game owners choose to help each other in developing their games or learning to code. We just give you guys a home to hang your hats and post issues. We try to add anything of interest we stumble across in our travels. Our only goal is to make the gaming experience better for everyone involved..

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