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Converting Problems


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Im having trouble converting a code from v1 to v2 which isnt suprising considering its 1600 lines but i was hoping maybe someone on here could help me out.

My "yourgang.php" seems to be half v1 and half v2, i have put the "$db," after every global line which then makes the functions work if i paste the URL in the top myself but i still havent converted the menus because there is no "$h->menuarea();" to convert to "include "globals.php";" like you have to change with most codes when converting.

Any idea what else im ment to convert to get the v1 menus showing in my gang index with the others?

And for those who like to asume people are using stolen scripts before they even know the full story, I was given this script by coldblooded after i brought my licence which he will confirm.

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