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About Javascript


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Javascript is a another language like PHP but implented into HTML and can only be compatible with HTML and anything that uses HTML, It only works in


PHP runs a script once,

Javascript runs again and again so it acts forever without failing,

You can do a hell of a lot with javascript, Cookies, Alerts, Confirmations and others...

You can lock buttons to destroy html

Javascript is something to enjoy, You can never get bored of compiling Javascript,

Again, Javascript is something hard as you may not if the scripts running or not,

As for example :



That requires id="button" in the location of the html to make it act in that location,

same with Cascading Styling Sheets, #format you'll need id='format' for the CSS to act its designs on that location.

You should learn javascript,

It's quick, easy and never abusable!

BAD THING: If you don't encrypt your scripts (79.5% of the net doesnt) your javascript can be nicked by viewing the server's generated source.

GOOD THING: All servers can accept them, Nothing special required, You can use it on any free sites like FreeWebs / Piczo.

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Guest Anonymous

Re: About Javascript

yes but php and js doesn't always work like it should, and you have to be careful with js, mainly because alot of things ie allows ff doesn't

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Re: About Javascript

I think I should clarify a few issues here:

- Javascript cannot be encripted, it can only be obfuscated. Encrypted means you have like a password to be able to read it. Obfuscated means you transform your readable code with something hard to understand. You can check out my example code here (PHP obfuscator):


- Javascript is much harder to write / debug than any other languages beside if you use firefox and some tools like firebug. Still the bigger issue is that there is slight differences between the DOM model in IE, Firefox, Opera and the others. So you will have to test your code against at least IE and firefox.

- Firefox / Mozilla have by default the Javascript ENABLED. As does IE. Only a few users out there disable it, as now most of the web pages requires it. Anyhow it's fairly simple to test if your player disabled Javascript, and in this case display some sort of alert saying he should enable it.

- Javascript code can be embeded ANYWHERE in the web page. Not only in the head section.

- Javascript is mainly running on the browser, but there is some special web servers which understand it also as server part. Why? Because Javascript is just a language, nothing else. So anybody could use it where he want, also in something which has nothing to do with the web.

- Javascript is not related to Java. They are 2 different languages.

- As anything you can use it well and bad. But using it a lot doesn't mean it will be bad. For example I use it really a lot in my own game, as I have most of the web pages running ONLY if you have Javascript. Even the 2D map can be run using Javascript, the inventory is generated by Javascript etc... The only problem is that as Javascript is much harder to master than PHP only a few games or even web pages out there use it for something more than just a few checks.

- The biggest problem with Javascript is that it's yet another language to learn, and if you sum up the need to know PHP or VB.NET or C# or what ever, with HTML, CSS and yet Javascript you understand that it starts to be hard to master them all.

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