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A few notes about KK


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Hey all...

One of our webmasters pointed me to your site because we noticed a few links, and wanted to check them out.

Let me say that I'm excited to see people using the KK engine. We built it over the course of a week with a few programmers, and really intended for it to be a look at how to potentially build a web RPG. We didn't expect to see prolific use of it, and honestly, if you all manage to take it and run with it, we couldn't be happier (so keep up the good work!)

We also have a few notes that we want you guys to have that may be helpful in building future games:

1. The engine requires the PEAR PHP Library. This can either be installed at the system level, or the local level.

2. The engine requires MySQL support (that's why the DB is required)

3. The DB table is not optimized, and should be adjusted for more complex games (don't throw everything into one table)

4. The engine is a start, and has some obvious holes (like the infamous negative purchase bug, where you purchase negative water balloons, and spend the money on lawnmowers).

I have to make it clear, that we can't support the engine... but we totally applaud your use of it. Any game that goes up that uses our engine at all...even for inspiration, is something we can be proud of.

I hope you all continue to use it, and I look forward to playing your games (when I'm not busy making ours).

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Re: A few notes about KK

I really think this script is a great one. I managed to finally set this up, but i had other projects on the go so i could not propally develop this one, i do hope to returning to developing KK as i do believe in its potentiol.

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