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adding 1/4 will pot to the game


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I'm adding a 1/4 will pot to the game but after many attempts at gettignt he query to work right the one i have working seems to add will to over 100% which is a bit of a pain in the but.

I know there is something missing to make this work so i was just wondering if someone could help me add to it.

The query i have so far that adds 25% is this...

mysql_query("UPDATE users SET will=(will+(willmax*25/100)) WHERE userid=$userid",$c);

Now i just need to make it so it stops at 100% and doesn't go over.

any help is gratefull...



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Re: adding 1/4 will pot to the game

execute a second query

UPDATE users SET will=maxwill WHERE will>maxwill

a 25% solution for the original question would be:

will=will+(maxwill/4) as any pie divided into 4 pieces = 4 x 25%

(willmax is "house will", can be confusing)

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