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[REVIEW] Genleo


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When I clicked on it I was amazed to see what a nice login page they had it had it all there the game story above the login boxes gave it a nice look.

The registration page was real nice it asks you to type in the REF's ID then when you fill in the rest it shows up at the bottom saying "Click Here" to verify and takes you to another page where you type in the code sent to your email address then it verifys what your age is and so on.

Then on the in-game it has a lot of things to like for example : you can go fishing in the ocean or make your own farm.

It has a nice layout which is consistant throughout the game and also some very cool and nice banners.

The main aim of the game is to train up and try to become the best (like any other) and to collect gaming points.

There have been alot of members joined up around 2450 in the time its been open.

It has a lot of staff but I guess thats to maintain it and make it run smooth the staff are active.

There seem to be updates every day and also displays all the updates when you login.

You get 2 bars on the side menu which are HP & EXP basic.

The menus confuse me as there are about 7.

One is your info , one the stuff you can do , two are advertisments , one is a chat , one is users-online which makes the pages massive And finally voting sites.

Some of them can be hidden.

They have a seperate forum for help and rules.

You can buy attack , defense , heal and summon spells, they are basically weapons.

You can have/buy a Pets/Minions which also fight along with you.

You can buy/sell live stock to other farm owners.

It has clans on which is a nice touch to the in-game with a lot of them.

VERDICT :it does have a couple of errors on but other than that its a good well thought out game.

Visual Rating : 4.5/5 (it has a nice layout consistant all the way through the game and nice banners.)

Game Play Rating : 4/5 (nearly 5/5 but with the errors inside it was best to see if they fix before giving a 5/5 rating.)

Simply edited for spelling and punctuation fixes.

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Genleo

I also joined this after reading the review to see whats what...the main site template is really well done with alot of art and detail for visual impact.

Honestly I found registration a bit confusing...but did manage to get into the game eventually...once in the game I was sorely dissapointed with the template and layout. Not only are all the menus confusing the design is a huge let down from the main template. None of the detail or art are carried into the game...the colors dont match and even the game content is hard to read as it is not well placed.

So after my initial shock I muck about for a bit...I tried out fishing which I liked, and managed to battle a mouse...after wandering around I checked out the help file, and didnt find it all that helpful at all...finally after finding little to keep my attention I logged out.

I have to say I feel Klikola's review is a little bit of a stretch, I definetely wouldnt rate this game as high as he has...I left it sorely dissapointed and not sure what its point was...maybe with more time Id figure it out but didnt feel compelled to try.

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Re: [REVIEW] Genleo

Genleo Review by Vorlen

When you first see the genleo site, it looks really cool with it's layout and graphical design. Of course, like many games on the net, you get inside and it's not the same. From those cool graphics, to a fairly basic looking inner workings. Red menu's on the left, blue on the right. The header (Banner) could use some updating, but of course the general appearance isn't all too bad overall.

As soon as you click the city link, which is called "Visit Carvahall", you suddenly get the feeling that you're playing an mc code game, and in the end, I'm not totally sure, but it appears to be an MC Code game, just really modified.

After some clicking around, and viewing the easy to find 'Help Files" (Red link in the left-hand menu) which are actually forum posts in the help files section. The game looks fairly easy to comprehend at first glance, and once you actually get into it, it is just that, easy to comprehend.

I went to the city area, and decided to check out the "Quest" link, which is more or less 'search the streets' but, with a map, so presumably using co-ordinates, and some really cool actions.

I went fishing, haha... that was actually pretty nifty to do. Using a co-ordinate system that's simple to understand, you have to have a boat, fishing rod, and fuel. When you go to the fishing hole of your choice (Within limitations of level), you can pick your area to fish. I noticed that fishing in deeper spots (Larger the number, deeper it is) you have a chance of catching uncommon fish, but you catch a lot less fish. You can fish fairly mid-way or shallow and you'll catch a lot more fish, just all of which are common or 'Very Common'.


Of course, I explored aroung the site some more, found little things here and there interesting. But:

All In all - This game is one of those games that you'll think is fairly boring appearing, but you will probably wind up addicted to it like any of the original mc code games. More or less, player beware - this game will get you hooked if you're a real text based junkie!

- Vorlen [DreamBurst Owner]

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