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[REVIEW] Fatal Combat


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Name: Fatal Combat

URL: http://www.fatalcombat.com


Going on there login and register page there pretty basic mccode's with colour changed and a nice looking banner, When you login there newspaper has not changed,

Latest News:

[11/07/05] Codes Purchased From Dabomstew

Pretty Basic :\

Looking at there mainmenu it look's very nice, There colour sceme also work's very well, I noticed somthing different on the mainmenu

"Gun Range" And "Judo Ring" This look's like it's training your gun aim and your combat in hand to hand fighting when batteling,

It's using Vorlen search the streets here off mccodes, Tufat Chat, And SMF forums,When going onto the explore page it look's like mccodes again, Exsept Referral Exchange with you trade your referal point's for donator packs.


There game is overall good,

There are currently 1039 MC players, 981 males and 58 females.

Amount of cash in circulation: $17,704,910.

The average player has: $17,040.

Amount of cash in banks: $3,859,042,000.

Amount of players with bank accounts: 411

The average player has in their bank accnt: $9,389,396.

Amount of crystals in circulation: 23,730.

The average player has: 22 crystals.

There are currently 57,194 items in circulation.

And larage amount of donators. There top level players is 58 wich is not bad and all the crime's are fare to everone the game is not marked on donator's but enjoyable for all players


Final Rating: 4/5

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