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Usefull JavaScripts


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Re: Usefull JavaScripts

Go high even more ;o)


About walterzorn scripts:

I found tooltip script to be problematic in many areas. One of them is if one decides to

use TagToTip function and <span> tags. It works by automaticaly hidding those <span>

elements when page is loading and it works ok in FF but not in IE, where all code that is

in all <span> shows up if that "security" thing block execution of script. Very ugly imho

and reason enough not to use that script with TagToTip function. Another problem i found

is that tooltip refuses to show up on apropriate place when there is many <div> on page.

It simply go another side of pointer e.g. up from it even if you set it to show under it.

Other smaller "bugs" can be found, which prevented me to use script for important areas

on my website (ordinary show/hide <div> tricks work much better)

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