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a question?


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Re: a question?

I like w3 and I found this one last time someone was asking about mysql which Ive decided I like alot http://www.tizag.com . Knowledge is power ....I dont see why its funny when someone asks for places to learn. Yes he could have googled but we all know and have favorite resources for this or that...it doesnt hurt to help another out.

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Re: a question?


lol try


and its not hard just spell whole words, like FOUR instead of 4, or THAT instead of DAT

otherwise you will get into the habbit of not doing full words like you are now and you need full words for PHP so you dont write "prnt" instead of "print" things like that

You spelled "habbit" wrong. It is actually "habit" lol.

Also as for the sites I can always use more help so I will try those sites too. Thanks.

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