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Stolen CG codes


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Re: Stolen CG codes

hah u fool i was in that convo wast i he said if anyone uses his codes then he will see them on court just becuz biz is on holiay dont think u can use his codes! get em off ur site now! :@

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Re: Stolen CG codes

Copyright laws grant the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, perform and display the work publicly. Exclusive means only the creator of such work, not anybody who has access to it and decides to grab it.

The material that you are given permission to use or display on your web site does not entitle you to claim copyright to the material in question. Permission to use someone else's material does not make you the rightful owner or holder; it just gives you the right to use it under the real owner's conditions.

Title mouse you shouldnt take his mods , lemme give an example/anology that a kid would understand ... . Let’s say your neighbor sneaks into your house while you are gone and borrows your underpants. After wearing your underpants all day he gives it back to you , and says thanks. How would you feel ?

In brief, and I am not a lawyer, Copyright law says that you can take copies of things for your own scholorship and research. And you can quote a very small part of a document as literary criticism. DO NOT USE IT !!!

And i Bet you dont even have permision from biz ... if you dont , its not gonna be pretty , so admit it now , we may make the charges smaller XD

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