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Hello world. What's your favorite way to use this forum?


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Hey everyone, I'm snugglecactus (a name given to me at birth, believe it or not). Anyway, I just found this forum today. I recently finished making a HTML5 game called "Paper Beats Rock" and wanted to find a place where people go to find new games, discuss making games, etc. So how active is this forum? What's your favorite part of it? What keeps you coming back? I'm always curious about new communities I find on the interwebs!

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There is still a fairly dedicated base but I think most of us just hang in the background. If there's something that interests us or we have some knowledge, we post. My favourite part is just reading about things people are doing, want to do. Sometimes I check old files for something that might be relevant to what I'm working on or sometimes looking for ways to incorporate ideas with mine to make something new. I keep coming back to see what's new and ... because it's familar and comfortable for me. 🙂  

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