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Looking for reviews on this script


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I was searching Google trying to find an example of a deal or no Deal game after I was reading a post here last night, and from that search I ended up finding a mmorpg game script on codecanyon called V city, this is the first id seen or heard of this script and it looks clean and professional, I was wondering if anyone here has purchased this script? If so could you tell me what it's like to modify etc. Any sort of review from anyone that has brought the script would be much appreciated!


What I would really like to know is,

Is this script (VCity) beginner friendly?

I have only really messed around with mccode in the past and that was about 7 years ago and I mainly just messed around with the game designs I never made any mods myself. (I know after 7 years I should be a pro, but life happened and I was growing up, started a family etc I basically forgot everything I learned and am re learning or atleast trying to.)

I did try and search this forum for information on this script before making this thread but could only find 3 threads from one user and two of them were him being called out for scamming.


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No experience, but I looked into it...


Things to me that say it worth a shot:

-4.5+ years of development and support all documented

-comments that seem real

-decent layout and game idea

-good price

-modern php and mysqli


Things that scream run:

-All 5 star reviews with nothing negative...let's be realistic everything has it's flaws

-No known published games (a couple comments link their games...but the links scream "give me a virus"...sites ending in .xyz and .hostname and stuff...too risky

-Procedural PHP...but if you like old mccodes this will be good for you 


Honestly I'd give it a shot...but more like a...buy with extreme caution and watch the bank account for a couple days ROFLMAO

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