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Converting V1 mods to V2


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Re: Converting V1 mods to V2

Nah i thought it would be easy for people to see here. alot of people are asking me for v2 mods and stuff.

Its very easy all u have to do is rename include global_func.php to include globals.php and cut all the bits upto $h->menuarea(); let me show u:



require "globals.php";

then it should just show the script at the bottom

Now stop paying people to convert mods for money lol.

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Re: Converting V1 mods to V2

This thread's going nowhere, so here it is.

FROM v1 to v2:

On the page

FIND <?php

take EVERYTHING from that point until (And including)




include "globals.php";



Use GREP (Find and replace) to FIND:

global $ir


global $db,$ir

Do this for ALL variations of global $ir,$c,$h etc.

Once done, your mod SHOULD technically work.

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Re: Converting V1 mods to V2



Lamo? You are a lamo

you make me nervous. I remember a former guy on these forums with kila/killa in his name that had trouble spelling simple acronyms as well...


Yeah, I remember him... bad spelling, and worse news.

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