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i need help


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Re: i need help


Well your 14, So i will keep this simple.

1. Your game is gonna suck because you cant code.

2. Your young and niave so gonna get alot of problems because i expect you would use stolen mods should they become available.

3. You are gonna get screwed by someone eventually. You cant code so you have to give your cpanel to others.

4. No one who is trusted or doesnt wanna screw you over wont accept this offer because:

---They can code. Why would they basically run a game just for you to get all the money when they could just make one themselves?

---Game items are worthless as a coder. If they have cpanel access and corrupt, They can have what they want anyway, With or without your say so.

5. Give up now, Before you see what a nasty place the internet is when you attract the wrong people to your game with ads like this

I believe thats all to say here ;)

Amen to that! all though i am 14 also, but i can code a bit and i dont get stolen codes and i dont give my panel out

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Re: i need help

if im correct your name is ryan, you own CL and you dont know shit, youve done went through atleast 4 coders that i know of and your gonna get burnt for all them codes you get FREE from other people

if i was yall i wouldnt even deal with this kid, all his shit is stolen and hes annoyin as fkc... :lol:

thats all i have to say about that :-D

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