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SQL max upload?


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Ok lets start with letting you know im still a newbie when it comes to sql, i try to avoid it if possible, but ive come to a problem...

some how or another my database has been deleted, i do have a backup but im not sure how to upload it... phpmyadmin says theirs a max upload (Max: 51,200KiB) of what you can upload with import.

this leaves me sitting here looking at a 12MB file and no way to upload it? ive tryed to just copy and paste into the query but that seems to freeze my pc everytime... so the question is How do i get sucha big database uploaded? :?

(lets keep in mind that i need the backup copy, not a whole new db)

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Re: SQL max upload?

perhaps I'm wrong, but I always thought 51000 kb is about 51 mb... so that shouldnt be a prob.

just copy/paste it. Your computer will appear to be frozen for a good 20 minutes (or more depending on your connection), but its really working. So do this sometime, then come back to your comp in about an hour or so. It will be done

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