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Shout Out to AlizHarb ( sorry if this the wrong spot to post this)


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I wanna start off with I am super hyped up about the new MWG site cause back in the day the users are the reason I left MWG alone and refused to post or message anyone on here about any issues I was having learning McCodes V2 I still have that script the users never really helped they would talk down on me for being a NOOBIE as if we all was not noobies I still am a noobie to this cause I walked away from McCodes years ago.


But then I fig let me login and see what's going on and POW Everyone is super cool and helpful now adays, but I have to give a shout out to AlizHarb I got his AzHCode 2.5.6 Thursday and just because he was so helpful, and his script and mods fit well I them bought almost all his mods on Friday I have been installing and leaving reviews on them and so far EVERY mod has installed with ZERO issues. next I will be contacting AzHCode 2.5.6 about switching up its theme in about a month.

No disrespect or throwing shade on any other Script creators on here I just got to say if your new to this and wanna fig it out I suggest you reach out to AlizHarb and talk with him his is easy to work with he gives you all the links to read on info about the script and if you have issues he will respond quickly if he dont you will hear from him when he logs in I personally wanna say thank you for all the help so far AlizHarb for all the help and understanding when a person hits a wall working on your script.

So if you are new to Make Web Games and you looking for a nice clean smooth looking game with everything clear and readable for your players then I HIGHLY SUGGEST starting with the AzHCode 2.5.6 let me tell you as soon as you unzip the script you're going to enjoy everything about it.

And again No diss to McCodes or any of the other scripts on MWG but this is the easyest script to start with if you are new to fooling with RPG game scripts

And before I end this again THANK YOU AlizHarb for all the help long my born-again adventures on MWG - King Joker

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