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Looking For Admin/Staff Requests

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Hello Everyone, 

I'd like to give back to the community a bit but as my project is mostly custom,  it's difficult to come up with smaller ideas that won't give away anything that I'd like to keep unique for myself. 

Therefore,  if perhaps you know of any staff/admin pages that do not exist but you often find yourself wishing there was a page for, please post it here. 

Preferably your suggestions would be for the base mccodes v2 so anyone can find use for it.  

I can't promise any time tables for these but I'd like to give back a bit if I could. 


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9 hours ago, Samurai Legend said:

Hello Cornus2, for the crimes it’s a bit basic. Maybe add min - max payouts, jail time, exp & make the crime formula easier to use when creating crimes. 

The current crime system can do the job but it’s complicated when people who just started to code and want to create crimes

I can definitely do a little bit of a rework of that,  no problem.  Give me a bit to get it done. 

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