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I decided to make a new home page for GL rather than a plain login form. You will need to use the new theme that @Dayo created here.

There are a few issues with this theme, I'm waiting on Dayo to fix the navigation menu to use hooks rather then be hard coded but you can easily edit the login.php to add the Home link. But this should just work with out the link.


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6 hours ago, athena26 said:

Would this work with Ali mod theme ? By adding the tip 4 players ?

Ive only tested it on the theme I posted above so I'm gone guess that it probably wont work. Do you have a link to the theme and I can check it out.

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Yeah im like 99% sure it won't work. Looking at the source code I see its BS5 but this is BS3 as that's what is used in the Gangster Legends.

Im waiting on the update to be approved but until it is you can download the new file below, it has a few bug fixes

  1. Fixes the logout process, you now redirect to the home page not the login form
  2. Fixed the CSFR issue when using the home page login form
  3. Fixed the ACP option for showing and hiding the login form

Enjoy 🙂


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