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Attack System


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Hello, guys!

I was seeing many times people were asking about a new attack system like McCode v2, so here you go!

Now you can make your game out of kill, detectives , bullets , etc...

In this mod players are able to:

  1. Attack each other using hands or a weapon.
  2. Mug each other.
  3. One of them will go hospital.
  4. Attack logs with last 10 attacks/defends.
  5. Displaying the attacker name in victim profile until the protection is over.
  6. And much figure out...

This mod can be developed as your game system , for example if you have energy system then you can make the attacking depend on it, etc...

This mod will be develop for another versions, this is only the start of the system of the game.


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Attacking System 2.0.0

  1. Damage ratio can be chosen from admin 
  2. The attack system now works with GL and AzH-GL (you can choose between bs3 and bs5 from admin)
  3. The attack system now works attack by attack, you can choose either the weapon or first for each attack
  4. Now admin can choose how many times the user can attack per day
  5. Attacking Statistics was added to the main page.
  6. and more....
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