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Donator layout

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okay.... so i am wanting and trying to do an donator page layout thats set up like the in-game local shops and displays all the donator items from my game(all donator packs are items)

ive made my own version of a store for my game that acts like the normal in-game store and has the donator packs(as in-game items) BUT i can not get the paypal system to work for users to buy it, is there a way to do it?


I dont want to edit the donator page every time an donator item is changed or added


using MCCodes v2.0.5

Willing to post codes and pages I have made if requested

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10 minutes ago, CrazyElk said:

Checkout the post here ... 


May be something you can use ... cheers.

Thank you for the fast reply, i did forget about that one lol, i dont know if i can get it to credit the items but i will try to fool around with it and see if i can....

any other suggestions? just incase, wanna make sure users are able to get the packs lol

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