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Xmas Deals


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Hi and sorry i have been gone for so long i accidentally blew my motherboard graphics card 4gb ram chip had to replace it all.

lucky for me the guy was able to back it up for me and i still have all my work and modules i was working on before. 

I am about to release a free pets module for gangsters legends script and soon after that there will be a much more feature rich paid version going on market place.

Yes so since its approaching Xmas super fast i am just getting back into my development work and have been working on this free pets module like mad.


  1. Spend $10.00 or more on one or more modules and get one free.
  2. Spend $30.00 or more on 3 or more modules and get 4 free modules.
  3. Spend $50.00 or more on 5 or more modules and gain 6 free modules.
  4. Spend $100.00 or more on 8 modules and get 13 free. 
  5. All modules must be on the store.

Out of the free modules you may request 2 custom made modules for any game engine. Must spend at least $30.00


Merry Christmas to all and hope use all have a good new year.

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