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In-game Content (PAID WORK)

Samurai Legend

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Hello, I am in need of a content writer for the following below (Japanese, Samurai Themed):

3 Cities with a description, price & minimum level; there is already 7 cities created so the other 7 will need to to be adjusted accordingly to be tailored to real life. (e.g. city x is known to be cheap/poor therefore price & level will be lower.)

8 shops with a name and description; there is already 12 created. Creating content for this will be easy 

In total there will be 20 shops in total after the 8 is added. Within the 20 shops there will need to be items added accordingly to each shop. I will explain the items below.


Items -

 Escape/Medical: I would like 1 of each in every other city. (e.g. Shop 1 will have Escape/Medical, Shop 2 nothing, Shop 3 will have Escape/Medical and so on). (20 in total)

Weapons: Name, desc, item buy price, item sell price, power of item. (2 of each in each city so in total 40 weapons).

Amour: Name, desc, item buy price, item sell price, defense of item. (2 of each in each city so in total 40 armour).

In total 100 items.


Houses -

30 houses with a name, price, min level,  tax price; deductions will be every day so price accordingly & max mood (will power). This will need to be adjusted for whatever level they can buy at. I don't want gym stats to be all over the place.  


Crimes -

I already have 50 crimes all I need is for adjustments so the economy is not all over the place. As you will be creating the content you should plan accordingly on payout, exp, jail times and etc.


In conclusion, you will be planning on how the games economy will be. I want crimes to be payout not much but enough so users can repeatedly do crimes to buy whatever they require. 


Please email on [email protected] with your price. Please no time wasters. English will need to be on a professional standard. 


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