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A legend in my eyes


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Hello all,

I wanted to write this forum for someone who helped me with my issue with gangs on my game support form it was "QUERY ERROR: Query was SELECT * FROM gangwars where warID=", for days people have been trying to help with every bit of advice but still the same error happened, I was on this error for 3 weeks while my players was nice enough to not war until it was fixed. Today it has now been fixed and even improved by one person Uridium, who spent the last few days with me trying to figure it out, multiple replacements of .php files, endless testing, to the point we was both nearly beat, till he found the one line that caused an issue the code was the wrong way around. 1 line nearly had us beat so for anyone who gets this issue with their code this maybe the reason why, and I thank Uridium for all the help the last few days, a legend in my eyes.  



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