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Life Without Javascript


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Hello MWG's. 

I have been using more and more javascript (JS) as of late to enhance my user's experience (Reloading stats, user bars, events etc).

Today I started on a path of exploring what can be done without JS to solve the on page load issue with most PBBG engines.

Looking into raw PHP and HTML I have moved down the path of ob_start(); for output buffering: moving all user info above the start of HTML/body has made my user's experience far better.

I no longer reload user stats, events and such as the output buffer from ob_start(); updates on page display (load). Thus saving on queries and user bandwidth.


I've removed all JS from my client side and started down a simpler path to go back to basics.

Doing this has forced me to be more cautious of where I place PHP and HTML code on a page and cleaned up a lot of my code.


Do any of you have a similar experience of removing something to learn a different way around a problem? 

I'd love to hear them. 





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