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Some info about my game, Imperial Conflict


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Hi fellow devs!  I've been meaning to talk about my game here, so here goes. ?

Imperial Conflict is a space-themed military strategy game.

I took over almost 3 years ago now from the original owner, who created it all the way back in 2000.  Before that, I had been playing it off and on for years, before becoming a moderator and then volunteer dev, and then ultimately the new owner.

We've got new players mixed in with oldbies from 18 years ago, and recently have a small surge in new players because of our new "Infinitum" galaxy, which will never end.  We also have a round-based galaxy called Milky Way that is our original galaxy, still going strong.  Both galaxies start tomorrow, Sat @ 17:00 GMT.

Here's an example of our game map, showing the upcoming Milky Way round.


You can click here to interact with it, even as a guest: https://imperialconflict.com/map.php?galaxy=62&zoom_level=0

I'd very much love to see some of you guys there if you're interested, not only to play but also to get your critique as fellow webgame devs. ?

Interested?  Come join us!

If this sounds at all good to you, you can start your empire here: https://imperialconflict.com/create-empire.php

When you're all set, you can then pick your galaxy here: https://imperialconflict.com/join.  Milky Way 69 in particular has teams that are looking for new recruits, and everybody loves teaching new players how to play. ?

Feel free to ask any questions here if you have them.  See ya there!




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