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Hello everyone,

This is just kind of a neat little thing that I am working on for Slack and teams using the Slack application.

Basically in a nutshell what it does is pulls information from Packagist for a library that you and/or your team are interested in. From the first screen shot below you will notice that it uses the same syntax (except for the slash command) as using Composer with the CLI and you will see some of the features that I will be implementing. For now it's just the help command and the require command:

Help Command


And here are a couple of the require commands. There is actually only one require command but this also takes an optional version constraint as seen in the above screen shot:

Require Command


In that image I passed the --version flag in the command like

/composer require laravel/laravel --version=5.1.x-dev

If you don't pass a version constraint it will default to the most current like so:


At the time of writing this Laravel's latest version is dev-bindings (FUN FACT: which for those who care, is only like 1 day old ;))

So if anyone here uses Slack, I am more than willing to give the URL to this project that you can use while I develop it up more. It is hosted on a Heroku free node right now so you can get plenty of usage out of it since Heroku requires 6 hours of downtime per day.

Also, if you do have any projects up on Packagist and are looking to make a push in the near future and would be kind enough to add in the "extra" object an key named "img_url" with an image icon of your project, that would be mighty cool of you and let me know the project vendor/package name so I can test it out.

"extra": {
   "img_url": "http:\/\/someplace.com\/some_image.png"
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