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Selling browser based game


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I have created a browser based game "vi-bank" and now i want to sell it. The game don't have any revenue or traffic. More information about the game you can see in this topic: http://makewebgames.io/forum/general-development-central/game-projects/28024-vi-bank-your-virtual-bank

You can see the website here:


Login details:

Username: tester

Password: tester

Admin panel:


Username: tester

Password: tester

I didn't think for a fexied price that i want, so check the game and if you are serious buyer we can think for a good offer.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me.

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the design is nice and clean and seems to go well nice job one thing i did notice is that the credits section is dropping out of the grey bit and lands on the white bit of the page causing it to be hard to read but other than that looks nice.

If i hear of anyone looking to buy ill be sure to point them in your direction do have a couple questions for you.

Does this use the old mysql extension or is it up to date using mysqli,pdo or oop?

How does the template work is it using a framework like bootstrap?

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Did you build this in a way that the admin panel could be easily translated into English or another language?

Speaking for myself, I would be completely in the dark with translating this by hand, and that would mean some overhead cost to have it done.


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