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Somethings as you can see have changed quite immensely with the look and feel of the site. Albeit, I myself am trying to get the hang of everything. So maybe as we all get used to the new software upgrade we can post some differences that we see and maybe show how they work.

I will start with the "Mark Channels Read" button at the top (sorry for my unlicensed paint2 watermarks):


What this button does is automatically mark all of your unread topics (see image below) as read:


If I recall where I added a border those will have a highlight and a fill on the speech bubbles.

Another abnormality is the subscriptions. If you notice your topic replies now come in the form of a PM (Private Message).


I don't know if there is a way to turn that off because I couldn't find one, but it looks like one of them things that is a standard now. One of the cool things which I haven't tried out about it is that it looks as if you can reply to the thread via the PM. Maybe I will try it out and let you know if that works.

For us staff members we have a neat feature in there too about posts under moderation that we can easily tend to and either approve or delete the posts straight from there.

Another thing that people for now need to bare with is the Spam Filter. Dave has worked hard on this and it may require some adjustments as time goes on. But at the request and complaining of [uSER=64687]Dominion[/uSER] and I, this was desperately needed. Also I noticed and pointed out to Dave is that some messages that contain "Spam" are sent to the user blank. I have come to the realization that it has to do with links being in the messages. I don't know for sure how many links are permitted via the Spam Settings but maybe it needs adjusting.

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