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Criminals Nightmare


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Criminals Nightmare is a free browser-based text game with a criminal setting.

You start off in a Cardboard Box, you will need to collect Materials to purchase a better property to live a smoother life.

You can deal with drugs by growing weed, purchasing a factory, planting seeds and buying useful equipment. (not your standard drug mod as seen here it has been heavily customized to include over head of a grow such as electricity and water costs, there are other features to the mod aswell.)

Visit the gym, select your stat and choose the amount of how many times you’d like to train it.

Commit crimes such as vandalism, robbery, forgery, burglary, assaulting, torturing, and so forth.

The game also offers you an opportunity to complete daily tasks and earn daily rewards. (much like as seen on android games where you complete daily tasks for a reward daily login reward etc.)

Plus so much more! So what you waiting for? Sign Up, Log In, Recruit/Refer some friends Across The World and Become a Criminal Boss! (there really is a TON of other features that you need to work for)

Criminal Nightmare

EDIT: Updated with owners message.

I'm not 100% if it's a reset or new if it is a reset he reset the entire game including the users table so there aren't a million dead accounts

Everything in parenthesis is written by me as cliffnotes.

Edited by D T K
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