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Hello there valuable people!

Firstly, I'm a 20 year old experienced Marketing & Customer Service specialist. I've worked with an Organization based in Manchester doing Event Marketing called WIT in the past where I gained my experience.

I moved on not to long ago to another company called ARQ where I now work under my own Company that works with them.(Basically we work together to boost each others results for our customers)

So today I'm here to give you guys a taster on our companies services, where it benefits you & an offer for MWG only to go with it!

Basically what the 24 of us here do is, set up stands in Shopping Centers, Football Stadiums and other venue events and convince people to try such a product & buy it. We are the fastest growing and most affordable event marketing company in the North-West as of today.

Based on our very near exact averages of the 96 current businesses we work with are for every £1 they have put in with us, they have gained £6.95 profit back!

So we wish to progress further in the gaming category of our Marketing, we have marketed browser games before. Success only depends on how good your game actually looks, but if your part is done, we will do our part and then success will join up with it. We have also had success in marketing Hosting sites in the past and HUGE success with E-Commerce websites.

The best way we will market your game as well as the venues i stated before, is we will setup Game Events where we have a full day advertising different games to the public, this is a promised way to generate you the traffic you need and if you visit our website there is a risk free offer to try this.

If you wish to talk further do visit our website and talk to an agent. If you do end up purchasing from us, give the agent the code below for 10% off:



Thanks for reading!

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Do you have a customer list we can see? I went to the site but don't see any. Most places have like a small client list, testimonials, etc. Another thing is I wouldn't call 1 +/- year(s) that experienced though TBH. And if your confindence level is so high, why only give 50% back if we are not satisfied? I mean, I know some companies who even offer a 100% money back guarantee on used items such as pillows that you drool all over.

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We don't let customer buy straight off the site, we hold face to face interviews in person or via Skype to show we really are legit. Meaning we provide every bit of information you require before you purchase, we don't let you just go to our site and purchase straight up as you can click the prices on our site it won't let you checkout! And I understand what you mean by the amount of experience, but I'm not the only one who works here but I can assure you I have done my graft to get where I am as for working in a company like this you need real confidence and to be really persuasive & I only managed work my way up so fast is because I am the best with that(No big head). But that's the confidence we have here, there are 24 of us and around half the people are still here when the business moved from Birmingham to Manchester and that was a few year back just when the move conducted not to mention since the main company of this chain has been around since 2007.

And we only give 50% money back as for it is a month offer you have the full month to claim it back if your not satisfied. Meaning if we offer 100% it would put us out of all the work we did for that service we gave your company as we still would have brought you a good amount of extra custom no matter what. We have never failed to that with any companys we've took on yet.

But you are right we should offer a 100% money back with something and that is certainly we will discuss here I am going to try get a 7 day offer on there with 100% money back.

Feel free to throw more questions sir we like reviews and we want to improve where possible, we value your opinions.

-I also work with jcvenom on some projects and he helps with what I have shown on this topic, I'm sure you know him as he is on these forums often! Hence why i'm on here with this topic today too.

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