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Military RPG


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Military RPG


MEGA is a militant group based in the Middle East. Their aim is to merge all people and all countries under the control of one extreme Leader. They have destructive weapons at their disposal and are not afraid to use them to achieve their ideals. Anything or anyone that stands in their way becomes a casualty of war.

They have created a World War unlike any other. Powers around the world are joining forces to combat the threat, but many fear that they are too late. MEGA has already gained control over most of the Middle East, now they’re looking elsewhere.

As a soldier in the army, you’ve been tasked to fight against MEGA. You are in charge of your own troops, and ultimately you will lead the fight against MEGA.

Are you up to the challenge?

General Objective

Build a brigade with the best troops to overcome enemies and to halt the progress of MEGA. Travel across the world finding the best troops to add to your brigade to increase its strength then use your brigade to complete missions, war against players and battle MEGA. Level up your player by proving your worth as a leader by completing missions and going to war against other players.


- Map System - Three levels of travel are involved: World, Continental, Regional. From the world map you choose a continent to travel to. Then you choose a region you want to explore. See Screenshots for better description.

- 2D Map System - Explore different regions around the world, enlisting troops, buying items and battling enemies!

- War System - Go to war against bots and players to increase your Rank in the Army!

- Missions - Complete missions with your brigade to increase your Rank in the Army and gain much needed money!

- Forums and Chat - Socialise with other players and discuss anything from game related topics to what you ate for dinner!

- Map Ownership - Buy positions of the map to increase your own power and territory. Build buildings on these positions to generate some money for yourself. You can build either a bank, a market or a mess hall.

- In-Game Mail - Communicate privately with other players using Letters.

- Storyline Quests - Currently a work-in-progress, soon to be released. Missions will take you through the storyline of the game in a general campaign style.

Campaign Mode

It is finally completed! The campaign mode has now been added to the game and there is now a playable storyline! Currently it only has two missions but more will be added over time and the story will develop! It has been planned out completely. My excitement is building!

Upcoming Features

- Casino

- Rework of Alliances

- Side Quests







Some Info

I bought the core of this game from [MENTION=68511]gamble[/MENTION] and have been working on it ever since. It is using a custom game engine utilising CodeIgniter. It is designed for computers and laptops. On the map you can use arrow keys to move about but there are buttons there also.

Design was by [MENTION=65100]W3Theory || Peter[/MENTION]

My Personal Aims For This

- Obtain an active and friendly user base

- Have it regularly updated






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Looks very impressive

One piece of criticism is your background, its World of Tanks xbox game

When you make it big you could be sued, other than that great work! I like it!

If peter used it in a design he would have had permission to, im sure of that, and as it was sold on that license would most likely be included so its not something im overly concerned about at the moment.

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Campaign Mode Released

Yes, it is finally here! The campaign mode has finally been released! Currently there are only two mission, but we will soon be adding more. A lot more, so stay tuned for those!

For now though, you can enter the MRPG world and get started on the story line to this game!

To play the story line, click on the Headquarters link on the menu in game!

This feature should be the pinnacle to this game and therefore your input will be much appreciated. If you have an idea for the story then make a topic in the forums with your idea and it'll surely be considered!

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Combat System

The combat system has had a major rework. I believe it's better as it details more of what happened during the war and involves more strategy when building your brigades.

It details all the battles that took place between the troops of each player's brigades, telling you the outcome, then depending on which player was more successful, it decides a winner.

Should be slightly more fun now knowing which of your troops are pulling their weight.


Finally, the next installment for the storyline has been released. Head over to Headquarters to find it.

Happy warring!

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