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Hello MakeWebGames!

My name is Reece, first off I'm 21 years old and i won't blow my own trumpet to much, but i'm fairly good with web development in many aspects of coding and designing. (Taught by my brother who works with Turbine) - Turbine being responsible for making games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the rings are just 2 of their huge games that have been competing at the very top for many years now.

So there is a bit about myself, but to this day I still sit about wondering what extra could I do and achieve with my current skills on the web as currently they aren't being put to any use, so why don't I try to make something go big on the web? Well maybe with the help of someone on MWG that could happen someday.

So we all know that the Casino Gambling market is HUGE - Don't get me wrong this is going to be so hard to compete especially when there are websites like Betfair, Bet365, BetFred, Paddypower & now Sky Bet finally on the web hitting high.

But I've decided to make a new way of gambling on the web, cost efficient & there is more fun involved as you aren't losing a ton of money. Their are all sorts of Pro's to this but also very very few Con's.

Anyway, i think I need to get to the point on this now on what this actually new dynamic of gambling is, I really think it can compete with the time and effort & the professionalism of the website.

A Subscription upon sign-up, the price is of course not chosen yet but it wouldn't be hefty, it would be a monthly subscription.

Basically, there will be 3 divisions of gambling depending on your subscription chosen. These are examples and may not be real prices, just go with it.


Bronze - £3.99 per month

Silver - £5.99 per month

Gold - £9.99 per month

Platinum - £15.99 per month


Every day at midnight you will gain your xxx amount of coins(the number depends on Subscription and division that goes with that subscription. Such as all players in the same division will all play with the same Coins so there are no disadvantages unless you are to pay for extra slots.)


There will be a ton of games as you'd see in your usual casino, Roulette, slots etc.. 1 Coin represents £1 in virtual money.

Every week - (top xxx players in each division will earn real money of course the real numbers for this is unknown yet.)

So that is all I have for now, this has had some deep thought and still needs more yet, but whoever can bring some ideas to the table or possibly even join up on this please do come forward & a note to all as I know this is going to be costly I have a fairly good budget to get this up and running for over 6 months & then subscriptions afterwards would be able to cover everything after that depending on how big this would work out.

Thanks for reading, issue your opinions please!

- - - Updated - - -

I must also state that every week the leader boards would reset & anyone who signs up after the reset date will get the amount of coins they have missed from the first day of that reset.

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The thing with gambling sites is that it's very high risk. After the 6 months then the ability to pay winnings to players will be based on money gained from subscriptions which will mean you need a lot of players. Also you'll need to balance winnings versus subscription cost.

If you have 3 users all subscribed to bronze then you'll get say £12. Those 3 users are the only users in that division and on that subscription. For coming first you get money. That's done every week. Players aren't going to pay a monthly subscription if they can't win more than they pay. So you need to give them say £2 for coming first. That way if they win every week they get £8 back. Thus you only made £4 profit .

Next up, legality. Any gambling site has to undergo inspection by the Gambling Conmission, and all gambling games must meet certain gambling requirements. Payout ratio etc has to be exact.

The site also must have a Limitation System in place. That way the player can limit how much they spend a day/week. It also must check on registration or before any game if the player has excluded themselves either temporarily or permanently from gambling, and must also provide the player with the ability to exclude themselves.

I'm pretty sure that's law.

Now I'm not too sure if your site falls under Real Gambling or Simulated Gambling. They play games to win a score, that score gets them up a leaderboard. Top of leaderboard wins. They pay to get access to this site.

Set up like that you may be able to avoid the laws.

Set up that they pay 50p for a spin on a slot machine with a chance of winning money back, then you have to abide by the laws.

Do your research before you build it.

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Thanks for the reply, the system if worked how i explained would go under simulated gambling. Already to confirm an email has been sent about what i wish to work on to the Gibralter Gambling Commission. I did also do some further research that unless our budget was tripled somehow then sign ups are limited by law to avoid being able not to pay out. But as this works differently, we would never pay out from our own budget (unless in really bad conditions) the pay outs would all come from subscriptions and obviously we need a great amount of subs to get that kick started but its certainly possible with the right advertising. But I understand all points you made and understand the biggest is getting through the gambling commision, this might take a good while or maybe even never. But its worth a try and fingers crossed they pass this and we get licensed for it if we do decide to go forward.

Also to confirm, if this was introduced, they could change the law for it at any time so edging by what currently is set that is a different set up to what laws are out they will most likely change the laws to make sure they have full control on this new way of gambling.

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Also to confirm, if this was introduced, they could change the law for it at any time so edging by what currently is set that is a different set up to what laws are out they will most likely change the laws to make sure they have full control on this new way of gambling.

I would use the term "new" loosely. There are a lot of apps on the App Store, App World and Play Store that have a simulated gambling set up, where users can buy coins to give them the ability to play the casino games etc. The only difference is that it is a subscription instead of buying coins, where the subscription gives the the credits they need to play the games.

The next thing you need to consider is Age Restriction, despite being Simulated Gambling, I'm pretty sure that at the very least there will be a 13+ Age Rating set, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were told to have an 18+ rating, thus you need to make sure users don't fake D.O.B. Some gambling websites have a look up which takes name and address and verifies that a person of the given name lives in that address, and is 18+. If the system cannot verify this then ID of some form must be provided.

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Oh hell no the age would certainly have to be 18+ for this to pass, im 100% certain on that.

Other gambling sites allow you to sign up and if you are to ever withdraw anything that you have won, you will need to send in a picture of your passport, which of course they would make sure the age is 18+ and matches the details of that account. That is the way they verify someones account once the account is verified you wont have to go through that process again (unless winning a hefty amount).

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