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Paying £35/$50

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I need few stuffs done for my game paying £35 -

Daily Quest -

Get set a random task to do daily and gain x amount of cash and coins.

Example -

1. Do 25 crimes

2. Win 25 attacks

3. Gain 2,500 strength

4. Gain 5,000 agility

5. Gain 2,100 guard

6. Gain 5 levels

You will gain 125,000 yen and 12,000 coins.

Everyone gets a different quest depending on stats and level.


Clan Update -

Forums (Got the files but not the SQL, also want file to be re-coded)

Clan Invitation (Invite members to join clan)

Clan Cut (Take 5% of earnings from members gains in crimes and adds it to clan vault)

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