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So a few weeks ago my partner made Inverted a layout psd in return for a player to player trade system, because I was having trouble getting mine to work properly (I have since fixed mine and it works wonderfully). But the trade system that Inverted rushed through and sent us, was buggy and did not work at all. I would not recommend him for anything unless he's actually going to sit down and code properly and even then I wouldn't pay the full amount up front. He himself went back through and looked at the code and pointed out several areas where the code wouldn't work and told us hey, you can't use this and sent us a "fixed" copy that again didn't work and he found more bugs in. Eventually I decided to think hard and finally came up with a solution to my system. But we were highly dissatisfied with him. So in the end my partner did work that he really didn't get paid for.

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