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Digital Ocean Hosting

Setup a cloud server in seconds with Digital Ocean, Fast and simple.

Browse trough many of their tutorials that help guide you trough setting up your server correctly and securely along with many other articles.

Feel free to use my referral and get a free $10 credit) https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=005b32847e03 Or simply go to their website using http://www.digitalocean.com

My personal experience has been great with DO and thats why I'm posting them here, I'm sure allot of people here have used them :cool:

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Yep I used them, but I love how you didn't mention you get a free $25 for referring people to them lol.

They're great to use and if you have FileZilla or a different ftp client it really speeds up development. I used to like cpanel a lot, but after switching to FileZilla, I can hardly bare to look at cpanel. I know I can still use ftp along with cpanel, but it's awkward when working with clients who have some fear of enabling it.

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I don't mind about the $25 but if someone wants to use my referral then they can go ahead.

I agree I used to constantly use Cpanel but now I only use WINSCP and Filezilla and of course I use SSH(putty)

Nonetheless they have a great support team and if when they do a system upgrade or if they experiences down time (depending were you have your droplet , eg NY) they will reimburse you money (normally 10 cents), Even tho it's only a little bit it's still good to see they value their customers.

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