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Staff Panel problems


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I just installed my first ever copy of Mccodes V2.

Everytime I use the staff panel to edit items, add items, crimes etc I keep getting an error saying one of the inputs is in a bad format, or that one of the fields have been left out.

I've noticed it occurs when I have a 0 in a certain place. I went to the code and I can't see why there's an error.

I'm assuming its something to do with


$_POST[formdata] = (isset($_POST[formdata]) && is_numeric($_POST[formdata])) ? abs(intval($_POST[formdata])) : ' ';

where formdata is whichever type of data that's sent.

I can't see a problem with




if the data is 0.

any ideas?

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empty() is the problem as that returns true if the input is "0" (zero). See http://php.net/manual/en/function.empty.php in particular the return values section.

Your tests are:

$value = isset($_POST['key']) && is_numeric($_POST['key']) ? abs(intval($_POST['key'])) : ' ';

I'd probably replace with

$value = array_key_exists('key', $_POST) && ctype_digit($_POST['key']) ? $_POST['key'] : ' ';

for positive integers,

$value = array_key_exists('key', $_POST) && is_string($_POST['key']) ?  $_POST['key'] : ' ';

for strings and

$value = array_key_exists('key', $_POST) && is_numeric($_POST['key']) ?  $_POST['key'] : ' ';

for numbers (negative integers, or decimal values). This is slightly stricter and performs better type checking as well as using the in this instance more correct array_key_exists rather the issset. Be careful the the default values as a single whitespace character is probably not what you want here.

is_empty often catches out people, there are very few places I've found it to be the correct test to use. See http://php.net/manual/en/function.empty.php in particular.

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