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Stamp In - Android Version!


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So as you know I created a website where you'd simply stamp in and it would display your local time and the stamp number. Well I decided to make a mobile (Android only) version of it.


I have always been fascinated by how someone from the other side of the world can connect via the Internet and talk to you. Someone from a another country who's time might be different to yours. So I decided to make this for a bit of fun, all you do have is click the "Stamp In" button. It will then record the time the button was pressed and will insert it in to a database and will outputted for other people to see.

I have tried showing the full process of everything in the application, for example, the "Current Action" part, that is what is happening in real time, for example I click the "Stamp In" button it will say "Stamping", it will then get the time (at which the button was pressed) and pass it on via a request to a file which will then insert the stamp in to a database. Once the request is complete it will show the (updated) current times (live) and will display it. Your action will then change to "Stamped" once it is all complete it will then change back to "Idling".

Now, it gets the country code that you've posted from unlike before. Future update may contain achievements and a global chat. If you have any other ideas, feel free to get in touch on here or find me on Twitter. @Script47

Stamp In

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