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My names Ebenezer, Im 16 and I develop that's all you'll need to know


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My name is Ebenezer Adeniran(Jcvenom) And im currently looking for clients for jcvenomnetworks.co.uk (80% finished) i've owned a game CCM with my friend Sammie and i've decided to take a break and start freelancing, I'm in need of money and my skill sets are as follows:

PHP (Very Good)

CSS (Very Good)

HTML(Very Good)

JS (Im decent at this)

JQUERY(Im decent at this)

AJAX (Basic Skills mainly with requests)

I have worked with a few games, and game engines such as McCodes and the RC Engine,

Web game development is my favorite and this is we're my dedication comes into play, I can provide

you your dream game today or mod hehe!, I'm very experienced it this category.

Another thing, I can build websites etc but note "I AM NOT A WEB DESIGNER" :P if your looking for a web designer PM W3 or zet as far as I know :)

That's all you need to know although i'm pretty S*** at intros I do deliver workwise :P


The downfall is ATM i currently haven't any work of mine to show but I do have screenshots of CCM but there not mine to show as some mods on the game we're made by me and Sammie.

SO im looking for clients, (I currently have a client, but still looking for more)

Email : [email protected]



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