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[In Production] Heists Module

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Hello i am in the process of creating another heists module but this time for mccodes and the way it is being done is different from my grpg version.

Ok so here is what i have so far.



  • Option to set up a heist
  • Invite Page
  • Heists Shout box
  • Each Heist has a min members required and power
  • Each Member has there own power which they contribute to the heist


So far i have the main heists page which will show the heists in the game and how many members it takes to do the heist

players can set up the heist they can goto there planning page and invite another player

the player is then sent a event saying that the person has invited them to a heist with 2 links accept or decline.

If the users declines the heist a event is sent to the heist leader to notify them and of course they are removed from the invites table

If they choose to accept the heist then there power is added up and added into the heists total power and it updates a slot in the users table (like gangs)

That is all i got up to for now but there will be more features added soon just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in this for mccodes

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Here is some screenshots so far :)

Coded in the shout box for heist

Fixed some issues

Added function to delete the heist chat logs if your the heist leader

Still to come

Do the heist

Be able to cover fellow members for a heist but with lower payouts.

Staff Panel











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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok i am finally glad to announce that the heists module has been completed and will be up for sale on my website shortly but here is some info on the module as some has changed since last post.

Staff Side

. Option of adding Heists to the game

. Option to edit any Heist in the game

. Option to add your own blocked words for Shoutbox ( Thanks kyle for idea :P )

Player Side

. Option to set up a Heist.

. Each Heist has its own shoutbox.

. Option to leave the Heist.

. Option to Disband the Heist (Heist Leader)

. Option to Complete Heist (Heist Leader)

. Option to invite member to Heist. (Heist Leader)

Each player has there own power which is calculated on somethings when a Heist leader sets up a heist

his power is calculated and added to the heists total power this also happens when someone joins your Heist.

If you wish to see it working in action then you can check out my mccodes developer site



Heists Page

Planning Page

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